How is Night Guard Helpful?

You may be waking up to sore jaws and unusual headaches. This might be because you are spending the night gnashing or clenching your teeth. This is called bruxism, and can damage your teeth and result in premature loss of enamel. While clenching, your upper and lower teeth move back and forth against each other with great force. This can result in migraines and shoulder, back and ear pain, as the wear gets down to the nerves. The root cause of bruxism is stress, but other causes include misaligned teeth, certain medications and sleep apnea.

It can be very frustrating if you grind your teeth unconsciously during your sleep. Luckily, a night guard can act as a barrier between your upper and lower jaw and prevent this pain. If you want a good night’s sleep and want to avoid any tooth damage, consider wearing a night guard. It is just like a mouth guard worn by athletes to protect their teeth and jaw while they play.

Customized Night Guards

At E&E Dentistry, we take the impression of your teeth and prepare a mold so that a custom fit night guard is made for your teeth. Night guards serve as a cushion between the top and lower jaw, thus preventing your teeth from wear and tear.

At E&E Dentistry we make customized night guards and mouth guards in Aurora. We have highly skilled and experienced dentists in Aurora, Ontario that strive to provide quality dental solutions to their clients.

Contact or visit our Aurora dental clinic if you are interested in a night guard.