What are Mouth Guards?

Mouth guards are coverings worn over teeth in order to protect them from sports-related injuries or bruxing (grinding and clenching your teeth). Mouth guards keep the upper and lower jaw in line by providing padding for the teeth. This keeps the jaw intact and reduces the risk of breaking any teeth, lacerating the cheek or curtailing the lips.

They are also called athletic guards and are a very important part of sports gear. They provide protection to the teeth and jaw while playing sports that involve falling, body contact or flying objects.

Risks of Not Wearing A Mouth Guard

Mouth guards protect children and adults as they participate in sports like football, hockey, skateboarding, gymnastics and other activities that expose them to the risk of mouth injury. Teeth are relatively hard, but when a sport is played without a mouth guard, there are risks of serious blows to the teeth that can lead to a crack or even a fracture. In fact, jaw injuries are the most common type of injuries in sports. Mouth guards can reduce the possibility of jaw injury and severity of the injury. Fortunately, you can get a reliable and long-lasting sport mouth guard in Aurora at E&E Dentistry.

Those who grind or clench their teeth during sleep, also called bruxing, can wear mouth guards in order to prevent damage. Dentists in Aurora, Ontario recommend mouth guards for the total safety of atheletes and children while playing sports.

We provide quality mouth guards in Aurora at E&E Dentistry. There are 3 types available:

➢    Stock mouth protectors: These mouth guards are pre-formed and inexpensive. Your dentist may recommend a stock mouth guard to protect your teeth, gums and lips from injury. Stock mouth protectors must be sterilized prior to each use in order to increase its lifespan.

➢    Boil and bite mouth protectors: Made of thermoplastic material, boil and bite mouth guards or protectors are placed in hot water for softening and then placed in the mouth to mould with the teeth. If maintained regularly, these mouth guards can be maintained for months.

➢    Custom- fitted mouth protectors: These mouth protectors are designed by taking the patient’s teeth impression and fits perfectly and comfortably to your teeth. Custom-fitted mouth protectors can last for a year or more and one can take it for examination to the dentist at each visit. Fortunately, E&E Dentistry provides precise custom mouth guards in Aurora.

If you are seeking a sport mouth guard in Aurora, E&E Dentistry provides you with quality mouth guards. Take care of your mouth with mouth guards or protectors, which we provide at our Aurora dental clinic.